May 102009

Talking fast, moving quickly, the tempo of New York is never slow. New Yorkers are impatient; standing still wastes time, maybe even wastes money. Doing things quickly seems to be the rhythm of choice in our metropolis. Stand still on Broadway and you’ll be crushed. Speak slowly in New York, and no one listens… or do they?

We New Yorkers think the measure of intelligence, even of success, lies in the rate we use to negotiate through life. Where does this come from? And is it true? Does speaking quickly really help us convey authority? Or is it an invitation to poorly articulated speech with the ends of words dropped, and our exact meaning sometimes left to the listener’s speculation?

People often ask me: how can I speak more effectively? How can I sound more convincing? How do I make the best presentation, shine in an interview? Invariably, I have three pieces of advice…

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