Jul 272022

Recently I had the privilege of coaching Hakki Akdeniz for his TED talk in which he tells the inspiring story of his journey as a 21 year old penniless, homeless, Turkish immigrant in NYC to successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and advocate for the homeless. Twenty years ago Hakki came to the United States speaking no English, $240 in his pocket and the promise of a job that never materialized. With courage and indominable drive, he has achieved the immigrant dream yet embraces the principle of “giving back.”

Click here to watch Hakki’s TED talk:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7GEMjXjxqc

  2 Responses to “Watch the TED Talk By My Coaching Client, Hakki Akdeniz”

  1. Wow – Thank you Gloria for the great story! He spoke with confidence! It reminds us how we can make a difference with homeless people

  2. Thanks Rob. Even after his extraordinary success, he’s never forgotten his own experience of living in The Bowery Mission, a homeless shelter in NYC. Despite not being a truly fluent English speaker, he succeeded in giving a passionate, inspiring speech.

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