Nov 282023
  • You’ve been given the honor to present a wedding, retirement or birthday party toast and you want it to be memorable.

  • Rather than worrying about the project, you can work with an experienced speech writer who will craft a personalized presentation and coach you to deliver it confidently.

Many people who are asked to deliver a special event speech approach it with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation. For a variety of reasons, they delay writing to the last minute — and perhaps practice out loud only once or never at all. For some people the problem is time commitment and for others, the difficult task of putting their reminiscences, wishes or emotions into words. Unless you’re a professional writer and presenter, a memorable toast or speech needs careful crafting and rehearsal.

  • Why not hire a speech writer who will work with you to write your speech and give you the tools to deliver it smoothly?

As a speech writer, Gloria Lazar has written toasts and speeches for weddings, anniversaries, person of the year honors and other special occasions for small gatherings as well as 500-person galas. As a speech coach, she has guided her clients in making their speech memorable using effective speaking techniques.

Either by telephone or virtually on Zoom, she will interview you to understand the message you want to convey, the tone and any other critical information to craft a unique presentation. Then she will write a draft and work with you on multiple edits until you’re satisfied and comfortable with your speech. And if you would like assistance in speaking like a pro, she’ll help you develop the skills to deliver a memorable presentation.


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