Oct 082019

Do people really want to hear my story? Do I want to relate personal details to strangers? Whether you’re an executive presenting your sales pitch, a college graduate interviewing for your first job, or a high school student speaking with an admissions officer, your personal narrative can be the key to reaching your goals.  Telling Read more

Jan 182019
How Technology Has Revolutionized Speech Coaching and Therapy

Technology has broken barriers in speech coaching and therapy Not only has technology revolutionized the work environment for millions of executives, but it has also introduced alternatives for speech coaching, executive skills training and traditional speech language therapy. In my practice I have incorporated remote therapy using Skype or FaceTime to help clients in all Read more

Jan 052018
Breaking Barriers For A Great Speech!

If you’re invited to make a speech, accept an award, introduce an honoree or give a toast, you can have a polished, professional speech written for you no matter where you live. Gloria Lazar has written customized speeches for clients all over the country.  She creates a presentation to reflect each speaker’s goals and ideas. Read more

Nov 102016

Myth # 1:  It takes years to become an effective public speaker. Myth # 2: Nobody else seems nervous when they make a presentation. Myth # 3:  Most good speakers are born with the “gift of gab.” Myth # 4: Being forced to stand up in front of others in a public speaking class will make you Read more

Oct 142016

Do you hear your voice on a recorded message and wonder, “Who is that?” Have you ever felt uncomfortable with your voice and wish you could speak differently? Of the many people who answer “yes” to these two questions, only a fraction ever see a speech pathologist or voice coach to improve the sound of Read more

Jul 052016
Listen to my latest radio interview on WVOX

Hear a clip from my latest radio on Peter Moses’ show, “Eye on Westchester” and learn tips on how to be an effective speaker.

Jun 082016

You’ve always wanted to become a better public speaker but you’re so busy with your job there’s very little time for personal growth. How to find time to work with a professional on developing stronger communication skills? While possessing good speaking skills remains a personal skill set, it’s also a critical ability for professional growth Read more

Apr 142016

“I hate speaking in public!” “I don’t know what I’ll say!” “What if I bore everyone?” Spring and summer bring the season of weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthdays, retirement parties.  The time for toasts, speeches and tributes evokes if not panic, a good deal of discomfort for many people.  What is it that makes these occasions Read more

Jan 252016

“If only…” Life is full of “if only” statements — wishes and regrets in hindsight.  Possessing the skills and confidence to present in front of an audience, give a report, or succeed in an interview remains high on the “if only” list of many people. Nearly every individual, whether student or accomplished professional, tells me Read more

Nov 122015

Isn’t communication more efficient through email, text messaging, voice mail and automated phone systems? In our technological age, aren’t we wasting time by speaking to one another? While email, text messages and social media have broken down barriers of geography and time, they have created an illusion that face-to-face communication has lost relevance.  As a global Read more