Jun 012017

Isn’t listening easier than speaking? Aren’t listening and paying attention the same? Most people will answer “yes” to these two questions.  But listening is actually more complicated than most people realize and in some ways, as difficult a process as expressing yourself. While you must be paying attention in order to “listen” there are actually two Read more

Apr 252017

“The eyes are the window of the soul.” Old English proverb. Beyond the power of words, the way you speak conveys what you mean.  In the face to face conversations between human beings, the eyes and facial expression transmit at least half of the message.  A person’s eyes communicate interest, care, anger, distrust, sincerity and a host of Read more

Mar 152017

Do you feel uncomfortable speaking in public? Do you wonder if people will listen to what you have to say? Do you think you need to have an unusual or unique life to talk about yourself? More people than you can imagine will answer “Yes” to all the questions posed above — though they may not admit Read more

Jan 312017

Can the language of a negotiation prevent confrontation? Can a negotiation be a discussion without opposition? Can the parties in a negotiation establish a working dialogue? Can all parties in a negotiation come out with a gain? The answer to all the above questions is YES!  In fact the last question presents a critical feature Read more

Dec 152016

Do children outgrow difficulties with inattention, focus & hyperactivity? Is medication the cure for these problems in childhood? When a child is diagnosed with inattention, distractibility, with or without hyperactivity,  parents are often faced with a series of concerns.  Will these problems interfere with academic performance?  Will medication help?  Is another treatment needed besides medicine? Read more

Nov 102016

Myth # 1:  It takes years to become an effective public speaker. Myth # 2: Nobody else seems nervous when they make a presentation. Myth # 3:  Most good speakers are born with the “gift of gab.” Myth # 4: Being forced to stand up in front of others in a public speaking class will make you Read more

Oct 142016

Do you hear your voice on a recorded message and wonder, “Who is that?” Have you ever felt uncomfortable with your voice and wish you could speak differently? Of the many people who answer “yes” to these two questions, only a fraction ever see a speech pathologist or voice coach to improve the sound of Read more

Sep 082016

Are we creating a generation that can’t look another person in the eye when they speak? If we use emojis continuously do we lose the ability to find the adjectives and adverbs to express emotion? Are¬†social skills lost when we don’t engage in face-to-face dialogue? Technology has created a revolution in communication no less radical Read more

Jun 082016

You’ve always wanted to become a better public speaker but you’re so busy with your job there’s very little time for personal growth. How to find time to work with a professional on developing stronger communication skills? While possessing good speaking skills remains a personal skill set, it’s also a critical ability for professional growth Read more

Apr 142016

“I hate speaking in public!” “I don’t know what I’ll say!” “What if I bore everyone?” Spring and summer bring the season of weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthdays, retirement parties.  The time for toasts, speeches and tributes evokes if not panic, a good deal of discomfort for many people.  What is it that makes these occasions Read more