Mar 232022

James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars stutters? Yes, you’re reading this correctly! This 91 year old award-winning actor is a lifelong stutterer. According to The New York Times, the Shubert Organization will name the Cort Theater, a landmark 110-year-old house located on West 48th Street, after Jones, a two-time competitive Read more

Nov 102020

How to be safe and still receive services? LazarSpeech transitioned to an entirely virtual platform on March 20, 2020. All sessions have been held on Zoom, occasionally on Skype or FaceTime if clients need a different online application. With a randomly generated meeting ID and embedded password, clients have a secure link — they simply Read more

Sep 142018

How important can storytelling be if it’s not taught in school? In a recent article in The New York Times by Frank Bruni entitled, “How to Get the Most Out of College,” he writes:  “Every successful pitch for a new policy, new product or new company is essentially a story, with a shape and logic intended to Read more

Jun 082018

Stuttering as a form of therapy has been successful for many famous actors.  See my interview to find out who they are and why it works. See the full article here. After his interview with Emily Blunt who speaks about her stuttering, Sandy Kenyon became intrigued about how dramatics can help stutterers. He reached out Read more

Feb 152018

Good speakers are born that way. Being shy will prevent you from being a confident speaker. You need to have a theatrical flair to capture an audience’s attention If you believe any of these statements, you’ll be relieved to know that these are merely generalizations.  Being able to translate one’s thoughts into words and then Read more

Sep 122017

literate [lit-er-it] adjective 1. able to read and write 2. having or showing knowledge of literature, writing, etc.; literary; well-read 3. characterized by skill, lucidity, polish, or the like 4. having knowledge or skill in a specified field 5. having an education; educated; learned    Fundamentally, the literate person is a “learned person.” Computer literate, social media literate, etc.  What does it mean to be “learned” these days? We live in a constantly changing world. Technology has altered our society in ways as profound as the industrial revolution and the Read more

Apr 252017

“The eyes are the window of the soul.” Old English proverb. Beyond the power of words, the way you speak conveys what you mean.  In the face to face conversations between human beings, the eyes and facial expression transmit at least half of the message.  A person’s eyes communicate interest, care, anger, distrust, sincerity and a host of Read more

Dec 152016

Do children outgrow difficulties with inattention, focus & hyperactivity? Is medication the cure for these problems in childhood? When a child is diagnosed with inattention, distractibility, with or without hyperactivity,  parents are often faced with a series of concerns.  Will these problems interfere with academic performance?  Will medication help?  Is another treatment needed besides medicine? Read more

Aug 242015

Some children, as well as adults, punctuate their speech with “um’s” and “ah’s” to their discomfort and those around them.  I am often asked: Are repetitions of words and phrases a form of stuttering? Can anything help people who can’t seem to get their words out? “Ums” and “ahs” can be found at times in most Read more

Dec 052013

“I never seem to finish what I start.” “I run out of time so often.” “Everyone gets there early or on time, but I’m usually late.” These are a few of the concerns I’ve heard from clients who have difficulty managing their time, who may be stressed because they can’t accomplish what’s expected of them.  Being able to Read more