Mar 232022

James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars stutters? Yes, you’re reading this correctly! This 91 year old award-winning actor is a lifelong stutterer. According to The New York Times, the Shubert Organization will name the Cort Theater, a landmark 110-year-old house located on West 48th Street, after Jones, a two-time competitive Read more

Nov 102020

How to be safe and still receive services? LazarSpeech transitioned to an entirely virtual platform on March 20, 2020. All sessions have been held on Zoom, occasionally on Skype or FaceTime if clients need a different online application. With a randomly generated meeting ID and embedded password, clients have a secure link — they simply Read more

Jun 082018

Stuttering as a form of therapy has been successful for many famous actors.  See my interview to find out who they are and why it works. See the full article here. After his interview with Emily Blunt who speaks about her stuttering, Sandy Kenyon became intrigued about how dramatics can help stutterers. He reached out Read more

Jun 062018
Interview on WABC, Eyewitness News, Channel 7, NY, 6/7/2018, 4:20 PM

See my television interview tomorrow, June 7, 2018 at 4:20 PM with Sandy Kenyon, entertainment reporter, on Eyewitness News, WABC, Channel 7 in New York, where I discuss the nature of stuttering and how dramatics has helped famous actors deal with their stuttering.  

Aug 242015

Some children, as well as adults, punctuate their speech with “um’s” and “ah’s” to their discomfort and those around them.  I am often asked: Are repetitions of words and phrases a form of stuttering? Can anything help people who can’t seem to get their words out? “Ums” and “ahs” can be found at times in most Read more

Jun 122014

While the movie, “The King’s Speech” brought a good deal of attention to a problem affecting children and adults, most people generally have limited knowledge about stuttering. Is my child really stuttering? I am frequently asked by parents of young children whether their child’s speech is true stuttering.  Many children experience a period of normal Read more

May 082013

What is stuttering and what causes it? I’ve been asked this question many times but much more frequently since the Academy award movie “The King’s Speech” brought the problem of stuttering to the public’s attention.  Most of us have seen people who can’t get their words out, who hesitate or seem to get stuck speaking, who “stammer.”  Read more

Jun 102012

From Business News: Author Helps Clients with Communication Skills, by Linda Viertel Most commonly, traditional speech-language pathology support can help young children with developmental speech issues such as stuttering, pronunciation, word-processing and receptive language skills. But, this vocation can help high school aged children as well as adults who need communications, writing and organization skills Read more