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Speech & Language for Children

Speech therapy helps to bridge the critical gap in developmental delays so that a child can communicate his or her needs, understand the world, and develop confidence in a skill that is critical for academic and personal success.
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Speech & Communication Coaching

Effective communication remains a vital skill in our global, professional world. Individuals who speak clearly and articulately can express their knowledge and represent themselves within a competitive environment.
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Speech & Language for Adults

We never understand or value the ability to communicate until that critical skill slips away from our grasp. Scientific research has proven the effectiveness of speech therapy to help individuals regain their ability to speak, understand, read and write.
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Teachers, attorneys, clergy, singers and performers are all professional voice users who rely on their voice. Overuse or habits that strain the voice can result in vocal problems and impact their livelihood.
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While some people possess a natural gift for expressing their ideas in writing, many people need to be taught the process directly. When a student struggles with writing, assistance from a professional can make the difference in developing a lifelong strength in this important skill.
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Executive Function Skills & Cognitive Training

Executive functioning represents a set of processes that govern how one manages oneself and one’s resources to achieve a goal. These are essential neurological and behavioral skills that impact on mental control and self-regulation.
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Custom Speech Writing & Coaching

Using a professional speech writer and public speaking coach can make a special occasion toast, business speech or corporate presentation a memorable experience rather than a time-consuming project.
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