Custom Speech Writing and Coaching


Creating a speech for a special occasion can be a demanding task for many people.  A custom-written speech expressing your ideas and message can provide the opportunity for you to display your expertise or honor a special event.  As a published writer and professional speaker, Gloria Lazar works with clients to create:

  • corporate presentations
  • sales pitches
  • speaker introductions
  • acceptance speeches
  • retirement speeches
  • wedding & engagement toasts

She will discuss your goals and the details of your presentation to craft a memorable, personalized speech for you.

You don’t have to live in New York or Manhattan to use her services.  Clients from all over the United States communicate through telephone, email, or virtually to discuss their goals and drafts of their speech.

Speaking in front of a group can be a challenging task for some people. If you would like coaching in delivering your speech, she can strengthen your speaking skills so you will feel secure and confident for your presentation. You can meet face to face on Zoom or FaceTime, or in her office in Westchester county for practice and feedback from a professional speaking coach.

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