Speech and Communication Coaching


Effective communication remains a vital skill in our global, professional world. Individuals who speak clearly and articulately can express their knowledge and represent themselves within a competitive environment.

Being an effective communicator is critical for:

  • Presentations
  • Interviews
  • Negotiations
  • Developing client rapport
  • Career advancement

Whether going on a job interview or speaking before an audience, effective speakers have the skills to communicate under pressure.

Reducing the anxiety that undermines many people in speaking situations and developing self confidence comes from having a tool box of speaking skills.

What do these skills allow you to do?
Presenting your ideas in an effective, well-executed presentation or even one-to-one, allows you to display your knowledge and abilities in an authentic, clear manner.

Who can benefit from communication coaching?
Whether early or advanced in your career, coaching for effective speaking will allow you to take your skills to the highest level.

For high school and college students, developing the ability to interview and present yourself with confidence can make a critical difference in college admissions, securing an internship or your first job.

How can a communication coach help?
An individualized approach with an experienced coach gives you a personalized assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. A customized program, rather than cookie-cutter approach or self-help manual, will make you the most effective speaker.

How can a speech pathologist help in this process?
A speech pathologist has the training to analyze your skills and focus your coaching on the important features of:

  • Articulation
  • Fluency
  • Voice
  • Language
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Body language
  • Organization of ideas

How Does It Work?
If you have an upcoming speech, presentation or interview, you can bring your own materials to strengthen your skills and prepare for a specific event.  If you want to develop your overall communication skills, an individualized program will be designed for you targeted to your own specific needs.

Corporate managers or Human Resources professionals can refer clients and provide input to shape their employees’ skills.

•Coaching clients can have Zoom and FaceTime sessions from any location as well as sessions in the Tarrytown office.•

Communication coaching will give you the confidence and tools to express yourself effectively in any situation. These are critical skills that every successful professional and executive needs.

 Individualized Corporate Workshops

Individualized, corporate workshops on effective communication ranging from presentation, sales pitch to effective negotiation skills can be developed for your company or school using an interactive approach.

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