Middle school, high school and college students do not always master the skills necessary for writing expository or persuasive essays. As students progress in school, these skills become essential tools for academic success. While some people possess a natural gift for expressing their ideas in writing, many people need to be taught the process directly. When a student struggles with writing, assistance from a professional can make the difference in developing a lifelong strength in this important skill.

Good writers possess the skills to:

  • Synthesize knowledge
  • Organize ideas
  • Create outlines
  • Write drafts
  • Edit their work for grammar, vocabulary, spelling and effective style.


College admissions officers read the essay on the Common Application and supplemental essays carefully to decide between many well qualified candidates who apply to a small pool of colleges. Working with a writing coach to brainstorm, organize and write a polished essay can make the critical difference in gaining acceptance to college.  The “authentic” essay that helps a student stand out in a competitive field can be the deciding factor in a student’s academic career.

Gloria Lazar has worked with students who have been accepted to a range of schools including, Columbia University, John’s Hopkins University, University of Chicago, University of Rochester, Carnegie Mellon University, Haverford College, NYU, Vanderbilt University and other top tier institutions.