Nov 282023
  • You’ve been given the honor to present a wedding, retirement or birthday party toast and you want it to be memorable.

  • Rather than worrying about the project, you can work with an experienced speech writer who will craft a personalized presentation and coach you to deliver it confidently.

Many people who are asked to deliver a special event speech approach it with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation. For a variety of reasons, they delay writing to the last minute — and perhaps practice out loud only once or never at all. For some people the problem is time commitment and for others, the difficult task of putting their reminiscences, wishes or emotions into words. Unless you’re a professional writer and presenter, a memorable toast or speech needs careful crafting and rehearsal.

  • Why not hire a speech writer who will work with you to write your speech and give you the tools to deliver it smoothly?

As a speech writer, Gloria Lazar has written toasts and speeches for weddings, anniversaries, person of the year honors and other special occasions for small gatherings as well as 500-person galas. As a speech coach, she has guided her clients in making their speech memorable using effective speaking techniques.

Either by telephone or virtually on Zoom, she will interview you to understand the message you want to convey, the tone and any other critical information to craft a unique presentation. Then she will write a draft and work with you on multiple edits until you’re satisfied and comfortable with your speech. And if you would like assistance in speaking like a pro, she’ll help you develop the skills to deliver a memorable presentation.


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Sep 302022

My coaching client Hakki Akdeniz, whose TED talk has been viewed more than 2 million times, has received a 2022 Carnegie Foundation Award for “Great Immigrants, Great Americans.”  

Recently I had the privilege of coaching Hakki for his TED talk in which he tells the inspiring story of his journey as a 21 year old penniless, homeless, Turkish immigrant in NYC to successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and advocate for the homeless. Twenty years ago Hakki came to the United States speaking no English, $240 in his pocket and the promise of a job that never materialized. With courage and indominable drive, he has achieved the immigrant dream yet embraces the principle of “giving back.”

Click here to watch Hakki’s TED talk:

Oct 082019
  • Do people really want to hear my story?

  • Do I want to relate personal details to strangers?

Whether you’re an executive presenting your sales pitch, a college graduate interviewing for your first job, or a high school student speaking with an admissions officer, your personal narrative can be the key to reaching your goals.  Telling someone else about why you believe in your work, what you seek to achieve, or why you’re the best candidate connects you to your audience in a powerful way.

Yes, other people do want to know why you’ve chosen to work in a specific field, why you want to attend a particular college, or why you have a service or skill that you’re promoting.  We all have a fascination with the details of people’s lives, primarily so we can learn and sometimes identify with other people.

At a recent Democratic presidential debate, the candidates were asked to describe a setback in their professional lives.  Vice President Biden chose to speak about the accident that killed his wife and young daughter and seriously injured his son.  He took a bold step in relating this critical event in his life because it shaped everything personally and professionally that followed.  Sworn in as a senator sitting at his injured son’s bedside in the hospital, he undertook the most challenging job of his life while in mourning.  The odds were certainly against him when he became a member of Congress as a grief-stricken husband and father.  Yet he prevailed and the rest is history.  While some media individuals criticized his choice of this personal event rather than a professional incident during the debate, no one could deny the power of his personal narrative with viewers.

The answer to the second question: do you want to share your personal story?  You’re the storyteller and you have the right to share whatever is comfortable.  Your goal is connection, not catharsis.  The specifics you choose should have a direct link to the context; for example, why you’re a good candidate for a job based on your personal experience.

A case study:

A client recently asked me to write a personal narrative she could weave into a presentation of her organization’s investment approach.  She chose to work in this field because of her family’s immigration  and success in this country: their careful investment strategy allowed them to accumulate enough money to support them in retirement.  She wove this narrative very successfully into her presentation using her personal history as the basis for her confidence in her team’s product.

You control the narrative so rest assured, no one compels you to reveal personal details you’d prefer to keep to yourself.  But using your own story to connect to others is one of the most powerful, effective tools to reach your audience and create your success.  Use it and empower yourself!

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Jan 182019

Technology has broken barriers in speech coaching and therapy

Not only has technology revolutionized the work environment for millions of executives, but it has also introduced alternatives for speech coaching, executive skills training and traditional speech language therapy.

In my practice I have incorporated remote therapy using Skype or FaceTime to help clients in all parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester and Rockland counties, as well as other areas of the United States.  Technology has allowed me to assist clients in Israel and various countries in Europe. 

Virtual platforms have broken down the barriers for communication in revolutionary ways. Busy executives can now utilize my services from their home or office, rather than spending valuable time commuting to an appointment.  

Skype and FaceTime works well for adults and adolescents who have active lives and for whom travel makes coaching and therapy difficult or impossible.

My office in Tarrytown, New York still allows clients to meet in person — which may be preferable in some cases.  Phone conferences can augment face-to-face meetings as well.  

Whether you live in Soho, the east or west side of Manhattan, or as far away as Israel, you can access the services of an experienced speech-language pathologist, communications coach and speech writer.


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Sep 252015
  • You’ve been invited to give a toast at a wedding, introduce a speaker, give an acceptance speech for an award.
  • You’re honored by this public speaking invitation but you find composing a speech time consuming and possibly challenging.  How to deal with this opportunity?

LazarSpeech now has a solution: Gloria Lazar, a published writer and professional speaker can create a custom-written toast or speech to make the event a memorable occasion.

President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural speech included this sentence, “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”  JFK’s speech writer, Ted Sorenson, worked with the President to craft the best inaugural speech in American history, including phrases still quoted more than fifty years later. 

Presidents, politicians and CEO’s have utilized speech writers for many years.  And so can YOU.  A CUSTOM-WRITTEN SPEECH (“bespoke speech”) can take the stress out of finding the right words to express your thoughts.  Gloria Lazar will speak with you via phone or Skype to discuss your project before writing an individualized speech that reflects your personal ideas.

Feeling nervous about speaking in public?  Stage fright has affected actors, musicians, and athletes for centuries.  Gloria Lazar will strengthen your speaking skills so you will have the tools to present your speech with confidence.

Feel free to contact her by email or phone: Info@LazarSpeech, 914-631-5082.