Jun 082016
  • You’ve always wanted to become a better public speaker but you’re so busy with your job there’s very little time for personal growth.
  • How to find time to work with a professional on developing stronger communication skills?

While possessing good speaking skills remains a personal skill set, it’s also a critical ability for professional growth in nearly every field:  sales, finance, law, healthcare, any job that involves communicating with others.

Many individuals who come to me for speech coaching have tried Toastmasters or other programs, only to feel frustrated by the time spent in a communal atmosphere with limited presentation possibilities and minimal feedback.  For most people, sharing the experience about the difficulties of presentation does not lead toward developing better  skills.

Without a skilled professional guiding you in the key points of public speaking, time and energy can be wasted.  Even worse, the lack of change can make a person feel even more convinced that he or she will never be a competent public speaker.

Individual sessions with a speaking coach, whether in person or through “telepractice” via Skype can be the most effective way to develop a valuable skill.

Learning to organize a presentation, integrate visual materials, and deliver a speech can be accomplished in an effective, satisfying way by working one-to-one with a professional speech coach.  Technology has made it possible to expand the limits of time and geography so you can become a more polished, confident speaker.


Check back soon for more thoughts on public speaking, communications, speech pathology and executive function skills.