Jan 052018

If you’re invited to make a speech, accept an award, introduce an honoree or give a toast, you can have a polished, professional speech written for you no matter where you live.

Gloria Lazar has written customized speeches for clients all over the country.  She creates a presentation to reflect each speaker’s goals and ideas.

You don’t have to live in Westchester county or New York City to use her services.  Clients can communicate through telephone, email, or Skype to discuss their goals and drafts of their speech.

If you need coaching to polish your speaking skills or boost your confidence as a speaker, you can meet in her office in Westchester county — or by using Skype or FaceTime you will have face-to-face practice and feedback from a professional speaking coach.

Employing the skills of a professional speechwriter and speaking coach can make you into a polished speaker.  A speech that influences people begins with a strong script.

That promotion or new business deal you’re hoping for can be even closer now!


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