Jun 102012

From Business News: Author Helps Clients with Communication Skills, by Linda Viertel

Most commonly, traditional speech-language pathology support can help young children with developmental speech issues such as stuttering, pronunciation, word-processing and receptive language skills. But, this vocation can help high school aged children as well as adults who need communications, writing and organization skills improvement. Speech-language pathologist, former college writing instructor and published author, Gloria S. Lazar (M.S., M.Phil., and CCC – Certificate of Clinical Competence) provides a wide range of therapeutic services and support for individuals in need.

Lazar’s graduate school clinical studies, in addition to her role as a teacher working with reading specialists, has given her an untraditional multi-faceted approach to the support she provides her young clients. She considers herself a “caring practitioner,” who “loves working with people and making a difference in their lives.”

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